10Pcs Slim Patch Lose Weight Wonder Slimming Cream Navel Stick Magnetic Weight Burning Fat Efficacy Strong Health On Diet C021

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10Pcs Slim Patch Lose Weight Wonder Slimming Cream Navel Stick Magnetic Weight Burning Fat Efficacy Strong Health On Diet

Package:10 Pcs=1 Bag

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mint, resin, phytoncid, natural mineral powder, natural essential oils

Product Description:

stool clear foil principle is to use the natural gastrointestinal

motility by the help the body to eliminate residual waste, the role can help the stomach,

the body residue of the old will be excreted naturally to reduce the burden, the effect of

body modification, and without any side effects, is the most secure rapid slimming good



Daily one, should not be posted more than three hours each time, the foil directly

attached to the belly crowded area, use if abdominal pain, feeling faint, or lower body

with a slight itching feeling, this is a normal detoxification.


skin abnormalities or the use of the phenomenon of skin irritation, please stop using

it immediately. Do not place foil placed in 40 degrees heat. Pregnant women, the elderly,

young children should not be used. Hyperthyroidism, or patients with low-Do not use.

During the day when the person in the exercise when the body cells are very active, at this

time whether drugs or other methods, are difficult to break down fat out, the general drug,

but reduced the suspension of oil in the intestinal wall, for The inert fat nor would it

have any effect at all, and when the person to sleep at night, the cell has entered

dormancy, which is precisely the best time to lose weight, but also the most effective!

Only take advantage of dormant cells, the complete removal of two layers of intestinal

fatty layer of inert oil the best way to thin.

A new of a new slimming product slimming thin paste every night and put the navel sleep

drug delivery, pharmaceutical active ingredients enter the body 100 percent, on the one

hand quickly against inert fat layer, like a cake-cutting, as will the quality of

Micronesia inert fat layer into a spin-off a small piece of fat, then these small pieces of

fat burning Express dissolved. On the other hand, drugs active ingredients will break down

firmly on the adhesion in the intestinal wall intestinal oil.

People all know that the human body has been in sports during the day, the blood

circulation melting fast, the body in the excited state, when the fat cells is relatively

inert in the exercise, the efficacy after entering the body, not only to gastrointestinal

blood, whole body blood circulation, more importantly, to fat cells and inert wrestling,

natural effect is not very good. But at night, the body of inert fat cells are in a

dormant, after entering the pharmaceutical ingredients, such as entering an unpeopled land

of inert fat cells to kill one see a natural fast good!

The use of 3 day:

defecation and increased frequency of defecation, and after each

defecation, the toilet can see floating around on the thin layer of oil. This shows that in

vivo intestinal oil has begun to break down and eliminate.

The use of 5 days:

you will find one every day to reduce stomach, waist circumference is

also smaller waist curves begin to be felt.

The use of 10 days:

My goodness, I could not believe a whole lost 5 kg, waist circumference

is also from the original 2-foot 4 to return to a one-foot 9, is even more amazing is, the

skin becomes smooth and delicate resilient.

The use of 30 days:

complete more than its own expectations, convex-convex completely gone,

create a devil figure, a new different you.

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